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$200 Off Catrike Trikes

Hyper Yellow --- Everyone's favorite safety color

Recumbent Trike Models Available for Demonstration Rides

As the trike experts, we understand selecting the correct trike for your body and lifestyle can be difficult. Rather than waste untold hours reading the Internet, plan a trip to our shop! We have the largest selection of trike and bike models in Florida.  Our staff will listen to your health and lifestyle needs, select the most appropriate trike(s) and let you demo ride on a paved trail next to our shop in a no rush, low stress atmosphere.

Tadpole Trikes

Two wheels in the front; one wheel in the back

Full Suspension, Folding Trikes

  • Azub Ti-Fly 26 - electric assist
  • Catrike Dumont
  • HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26
  • HP Velotechnik Scorpion + FS 26
  • ICE Sprint 20 FS
  • ICE Adventure HD 26 FS

Full Suspension Non Folding Trikes

      Catrike Road AR

Rear Suspension, Folding Trikes

  • Azub TRIcon 26
  • ICE Sprint X
  • ICE Sprint 26 RS
  • Ice Adventure HD 26 RS
  • ICE Full Fat 26

No Suspension, Non Folding Trikes Optimized for Speed

  • Catrike 700
  • Greenspeed Aero

No Suspension, Folding Trikes

  • Catrike 559
  • Catrike Trail
  • Greenspeed Magnum BW
  • Greenspeed Magnum XL BW
  • Greenspeed Magnum Hand Crank
  • Greenspeed X7
  • Greenspeed GT 26
  • HP Velotechnik Gekko S
  • Azub Ti-Tris
  • Trident Spike 1
  • Trident Spike 2
  • Trident Titan
  • Trident E-Terrain 20
  • Ice Adventure 26

No Suspension, Non Folding Trikes

  • Sun EcoTad
  • Catrike Expedition
  • Catrike Pocket
  • Catrike Villager
  • Catrike Eola
  • Avenue
  • HP Velotechnik Gekko 26 Sport
  • Hp Velotechnik Gekko 26 Performance
  • Blue Line Jouta 4 Wheeler

Delta Trikes

One wheel in the front; two wheels in the back

Full Suspension, Folding Delta Trikes

  • Hase Evo - electric assist

No Suspension, No Folding Delta Trikes

  • Greenspeed Anura
  • Hase Kettweisel
  • Hase Trigo Up
  • Sun EcoDelta SX

Two Wheel Recumbents

Full Suspension Two Wheel Recumbents

  • Azub Max 26
  • Azub Mini 20
  • HP Velotechnik Speed Machine
  • HP Velotechnik Grasshopper

Non Suspension, Two Wheel Recumbents

  • Sun EZ 1